1979 Lincoln Town Car

I’ve done lots of goofy things in my day. I was driving down the main drag one day in White Rock B.C., and here was this car quietly rusting on the street with a for sale sign in it.

Lincoln Town Car
She looked nice from a distance…

Being the sucker I am, I called the guy, he came out and I gave him his $1200 right there. He came later that night with a lady, and they drove it up my

driveway. I didn’t even sit in it or open the hood or anything. So I thought, I guess I should see what it’s all about. After supper I got in it, and it would start. So a new battery later, it did start – and did not run well. So after a few hundred bucks, a new driveshaft and a few other things, it actually ran beautiful. It air cared fine, and was a nice driver. Too bad it was so rusted out that the trunk was hanging on by a thread. Nuts. That’ll teach me to buy a car without driving it.

Rear end of the Lincoln
Yes, she did look nice. But take the suit off, and she’s a different story.
Hudson's Lincoln

Here's one of my little guys, he's a lot bigger now!


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